One thing I’ve heard from a lot of new clients lately is that they’re “working on remodeling their business to work online”. But, when we dig into their plans further, I often find out that they already have a very successful offline business, but they think that creating a website means that they have to remodel their business to work like the rest of their industry does online.

In many cases, this just isn’t the case. If your business is working well offline, why make major changes in the way you serve your clients to work just like everyone else online?

For example, I recently talked to a small insurance agency. They have had a successful practice with a wide client base for 12 years. They feel that it’s time to have a website, and when we sat down to discuss the functionality of the website, they wanted it to offer automated quoting, automatic emails of possible discounts to their clients, and several other features that are available on many large insurance companies’ websites. But, when we talked more about their agency and why their clients came to them, they had all of these great stories of their agents interacting one-on-one, personally, with their clients. In fact, this personal attention was one of their biggest differentiators in the market. So, we’re looking instead at building a personal appointment setting feature, as well as a form where the client can request that an agent call them to answer their questions. These features fit much better into their business model, and make them stand out in the field.