Your email signature file can be a valuable resource to save your contacts time and even to save you from writing repetitive emails.

First of all, what is an email signature?
It’s a little patch of text that you can set up in the preferences in your email program, and once it’s set up, it will be included in all of your emails. Nowadays, even some web-based email programs have email signatures available.

And, what do they do?
Have you ever had to dig through all of your emails from a client to find their phone number? Or, visit their website to get their address for a meeting? It can take a while. If you don’t have an email signature that includes your contact information, your clients, prospects and vendors are probably going through the same amount of effort to find your contact details. This can get pretty annoying after a while. And, if you can remove even small annoyances from your customer service delivery, then you’ll have clients who are that much happier.

What should you put in it?
At the least, a signature should include:

  • Your name
  • Your company name (be sure to include “Inc.” or some version of that if you’re incorporated)
  • Your phone number
  • Your website
  • Your tagline (to extend your brand)

Your signature can also include a short promotion for an article you’ve written, a special offer, or even a subscription to your newsletter. This promo can change from time to time as you market different specials.

How do they save you from writing repetitive emails?
You can actually set up multiple email signatures within most email programs (Outlook and Mac Mail do this particularly well). If you find that you’re constantly writing the same kind of email, save a template of that email as a new signature. The next time that you need to write that email (and every time after that), you only have to select the email signature and do a bit of editing to your template. I use this for many types of emails, including:

  • Various emails to new prospects who come in to my marketing funnel through my website.
  • The email that goes out to new clients explaining my contract
  • Emails that get sent to clients with each round of a logo
  • Emails that go out with the final deliverables for a project

My signatures save me an average of an hour of time each week!