Before the start of 2007, you should do some maintenance on your website to make sure that it can do the best job possible for your business. Things to consider include:

  • Check your links. Make sure that your links are all still active and that they still contain the content that you intend. While you could check your links with a link-checking program such as Web Link Validator to ensure basic functionality, you should really visit the links to make sure that all of the content is still relevant.
  • Update any dates on your site. Check for expired offers, program start dates, release dates, etc. And, check for other references to length of time, such as “We've been in business for five years”. And, don't forget to update your copyrights!
  • Review your content for accuracy and thoroughness. This goes for your text, your pricing, your photos (to make sure they don't look outdated) and your downloadable information.
  • Test your functionality. Ideally, you should do this once every quarter (or more often), but at minimum, make sure you do it at the New Year. Check your contact forms, newsletter sign-up, site search functionality, and any other scripts or forms that you have on your site to make sure they are still performing correctly.
  • Check on your search engine ranking. See how you're ranking for your chosen keyword phrases, and determine if raising your ranking would help your business succeed in 2007.
  • Check on your domain name. Look up your own domain name at and make sure that your contact information is current. Also, make a note of your renewal date, and make sure to renew promptly so that you don't lose your domain name.
  • Review your hosting package. Make sure you have all the disk space and bandwidth that you need for your site. And, make sure that you're not paying extra for too big of a package. Think about your interactions with their support staff, your email reliability, etc. and make sure that you want to continue on with their services, or if changing to a new host is in order.