Another thing to consider is the day of the week that you plan to send your newsletter out. Your clients will be more likely to read your newsletter if they receive it on a day when they’re not very stressed out and when they feel like they have time to read it. You also want to catch them when they’re in the mood to think about your topic, and to consider buying your products or services.

For businesses where your target is other business owners, this means Monday is right out. People are just coming back from their weekends on Mondays, and they’re often not thinking about improving their businesses or buying other services yet. Often, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays are better days to catch an entrepreneur’s attention. A similar time schedule often works well with corporate employees.

If you’re running a restaurant, vacation or entertainment company, Wednesday or Thursday would be a great time to send out your newsletter since that’s when most people start to think about their weekend plans.

Fridays are generally bad days to send out newsletters – most people can’t wait to get away from their computers on Friday!

A weekend newsletter might be appropriate if you’re discussing religious topics or hobbies, like exercise, knitting, or cooking. Since people are more likely to think about their hobbies during the weekends, you might catch them in the mood to buy.

And, again (this is getting to be a theme, I know) – ask your clients what day they’d like to get your newsletter. There may be some hidden element of their schedule that you would have no way of knowing about – for example, the end of the month is typically a stressful time for people in a financial profession.