When naming your business, you know that the name should be unique, available as a URL, and explain a bit about your business. But, here are 4 more nontraditional things that I like to suggest that my clients consider about their names:

  • The impact of the name on your potential clients. How it will sit with them when they hear it – will they get excited? Will you pick a rhyming name so that it will be more memorable? Will uneducated prospects be able to understand what your name means? Or will you purposely choose a name that not all of your potential customers will understand, to use as a qualifying tool? What impact do you want it to make on your existing customers, and what do you want it to make on new customers?
  • How the name looks in print. I advise stopping by myfonts.com and testing out the name in their engine. You can search on a rather generic term, like, "Business" or "Sans serif". Then, at the top of the page, they'll have a box where you can change your sample text. See how your name looks in a wide variety of fonts. Make sure that the combination of letters, characters, spacing, etc. looks as you want it to. Some letter forms, like lower-case "g"'s, can be particularly troublesome.
  • How clearly the name can be said on the phone. You want to make sure that people can understand your business name on your voicemail and in your phone greeting, and that it’s easy to say, understand and remember when you meet someone in a crowded room as well. Make sure that your business name can be enunciated clearly and is spelled in a common way so that the people you talk to can then find you online.