The other side of the spectrum from the “problem-based” marketers are those who are absolutely committed to “truth in advertising”. These business owners often want to create very safe logos that don’t seem to promise too much from their businesses. They’re concerned that if they develop a logo with an underlying message – like “growth” or “transformation” – and then each and every one of their clients doesn’t get that exact same result, then they’ll get a reputation for lying and being a “bad marketer”.

But, a logo isn't a guarantee. It’s an expression of your company’s personality and mission. It should be a positive, optimistic, and enthusiastic declaration of the results you’re trying to create in the world. Don’t create a meek logo that essentially will sell your company short.

Of course, you don't want to lie or exaggerate so much that it's silly. You should be comfortable in your logo, and in the perception that your logo creates for your customers. You should create a logo that sets the bar at a reasonable, achievable level for you to attain most of the time.

But, if the odd client works with you and doesn’t get the results that your logo symbolizes, then it won’t be the end of the world.