Just the other day, I was talking with a colleague who runs a healing center. I was reviewing their potential logo designs (from another designer) and I was struck by the fact that every option they’d presented had a distinctly Asian feel. Brushstroke lines, calligraphic fonts, lotus flowers – Asian art elements were all that had been explored.

But, in the world of healing centers and competing businesses (massage therapists, acupuncturists, herbalists, etc.), this Asian theme is very common. So, would developing an Asian-themed logo really be a benefit to this business? Or would the Asian theme endanger their logo and identity, and make it more likely that the logo would blend in with the competitions’ logo and even be confused with other brands?

Being different can be scary. It’s hard to go a totally different path than everyone else in your field, especially when all of your competition seems to be succeeding and doing well. But, especially in high-competition fields, it can really help to develop an entirely different brand look than the competition.

Imagine that you’re a business prospect for businesses of your type. You’ve gathered some marketing materials, or looked at several business’s web sites. If the art styles are all similar, one business’s information might blend in with the next. If this particular customer has had a bad experience with a business with a similar brand look and feel in the past, they might pass those bad connotations along to your business – either consciously or unconsciously. Either way, that’s not desirable. Or, if they don’t like the art style that’s prevalent in your industry, they could be disinterested by the style and could feel less connected to your business.

On the other hand, if your graphics are different than everyone else’s, your business will stand out and attract more attention by being unique. Expressing your uniqueness and your differentiation will also help you to better connect with your target clients. This will bring you more business, make your sales cycle easier and make your business more successful.