The content, or text, on a website is one of the most important elements of a site. It can play a role in many of a website’s strategic jobs.

Begin your content creation by considering what pages to write for your website. Some basic pages that should be included on every website are:

  • A Home page
  • An “About” page, both for the company and its’ principal officers or founders
  • A Contact page
  • A Services or Products page, detailing what you do
  • A Clients page, telling visitors who you work with and who you’ve worked with in the past

From there, keep your 2-3 key strategies in mind while choosing the pages to create, and make sure that each page in your site caters to fulfilling those strategies.

For example, if your website’s main function is to provide lots of learning and free information about your specialty, you’ll probably want to have a newsletter, article library, and possibly a free report offer built into your site.

Or, if your main strategy is to increase your possibility of getting media coverage, you’ll want to be sure to include a full press room. This typically includes a News and Updates section both in the press room and on the home page, a Press Releases page, and an online press kit.

A full list of the types of pages you might want to include on your website can be found in this article on my website:

Pages to Include in Your Website

Other things to consider about your content:

  • Answering visitors’ questions
  • Showing your business’s personality
  • Writing for the Search Engines
  • How to get it done
  • Writing online isn’t permanent

I’ll discuss all of these in upcoming posts.