The text on a website is important from both your visitors’ perspective and from the Search Engines’ perspective.

For visitors, the text on a site gives them what they most want when coming to a website – valuable information about the topic they’re concerned about. Visitors are coming to your site for one of several reasons:

  • To learn about a topic that’s important to them for business or personal reasons
  • To fulfill their wants or needs
  • To learn about your company or your expertise because they have heard about you or gotten a referral to your company
  • To get a vital piece of additional information if you already are in a relationship with them – perhaps to learn if you provide another product or service
  • To quickly grab your contact information
  • To purchase an item or product

To make sure that your text is filling those needs, here are a few tips and considerations:

  • Track questions that your prospects typically ask, and that your clients ask during the course of working with you. Where appropriate, answer those questions as best you can on your website. It will help you to be clear about your business and will help your clients better understand you.
  • Write your website text with your clients’ point of view in mind. Keep their concerns, needs, and issues in mind. Keep their level of knowledge about your product or service in mind. Write to their level of education as well. Also, respect their level of needing or wanting to be “sold to”.
  • Be generous with the amount of knowledge and information that you provide. Remember that many clients come to you not knowing a lot about what you do – they’re looking for your expertise and assistance. If you show them that you’re willing to give them that through the information that you provide on your website,

In the next piece, I’ll talk a bit about the importance of text content from the Search Engines’ perspective.