Easy options to manage your site content include:

  • Contribute: The easiest way to manage your own website updates is with a little piece of software called Adobe Contribute. It runs about $150, and can quickly pay for itself. I’m not going to go into the technical how-to details in this post, but it requires very little initial setup, and is easy to use for text updates as Microsoft Word.

Contribute can also help you to insert occasional photos in with the text on your site, but it is not a good tool to use for major graphical or site structure changes. If you choose to use Contribute for your text updates, and find that you want to change the navigation on your site or make a change to the overall site design, I recommend going back to a web designer to have that done.

There are many great books and training resources for Contribute. I recommend Macromedia Contribute 3 for Windows & Macintosh (Visual QuickStart Guide).

  • Blogs: Blogging is another option for easily making updates. While a blog isn’t actually integrated directly into your website itself, it’s very easy to link a blog to your site, and to place links in both the site and the blog so that the two refer back and forth to each other. You can still get a lot of Search Engine Benefits from a blog.
  • You will have to set up your site and your blog to link to each other. You should also consider having a customized template designed for your blog so that it extends your brand identity and matches your other marketing materials.

    I recommend (and use) TypePad for blogging.

    Both of these approaches are quite easy to learn, and are also rather inexpensive. But, they don’t offer a lot of advanced capabilities, such as image editing, or making large, site-wide changes. And, if you choose to add to your site through just a blog, you still wouldn’t be able to edit your actual website – you’d just be able to reinforce its’ content and add more information with your weekposts.

    Next time, I’ll post about the more advanced ways to manage your website text.