As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was afraid to write copy with character when I first started my website. This is a common problem that first-time website writers – and even more experienced writers – tend to have.

The “voice”, or tone, that you write your website copy with is important to your business brand. Through the words that you use in your text, you can present or paint a more detailed picture of what your business’s character is like. If your text and graphics both reinforce the same brand message, then your brand will appear unified and be stronger overall.

Disconnects, or lack of continuity between the visual brand of your business and the tone of your text can decrease the effectiveness of your business’s brand and make it harder to build trust with a new prospect. For example, if your business has a visual brand that looks fun and energetic, and your text is written in a very professional, stiff manner, then the fun graphics paired with the stiff text would make your company look confused.

So, make sure that you keep your brand definition in mind when writing your text. Make sure that the tone, level of formality, word choices, and your subject matter are in-line with your underlying brand characteristics. Also, if you have a set of brand positioning statements, be sure to include those in your website copy.

This can be less difficult if you’re a one-person company and you write in a manner true to your personality, since one-person businesses tend to reflect many of the personality characteristics of their owners in their brand foundations.