Make sure that your website text is consistent with your other marketing pieces. Depending on how you start your marketing plan, you may start with your website or by designing printed materials, but either way, make sure that all of your materials have a similar voice/tone, brand foundation, and overall message. In fact, it can also help your brand to choose similar words throughout your writing – then you’ll get the added benefit of repeating words, which helps your audience to remember your business.

Strive for text consistency across your:

  • 30-second speech
  • The way you answer your phone and your voice mail message
  • Things that you say about your business when talking to prospects
    Your other marketing pieces: letters you’ve written, your brochure,

  • Include your tag line if you have one that appears on your printed materials. It can be easy to forget!
  • All of your other marketing materials: brochure, datasheets, estimates, proposals, presentations, etc.
  • Email signature