Many small business owners think that the process of creating a website is too expensive, time-intensive and difficult to make it worthwhile. But, it is possible—and easier than you think!

We have created the following process for developing a website:

  • Phase 1—Planning: You can create an outline for the site yourself, or we can plan the site organization with you—for example, the type of pages you'd like to have on the site, and the type of sections you'd like to have on the pages. This typically addresses the “Content” portion of the website.
  • Phase 2—Design: Creation of initial design concepts that show the "frame" for the pages—the basic navigation and design scheme that will remain the same across all of the pages of the site. We'll go through revisions in this stage until the "frame" design is just as you'd like it.
  • Phase 3—Coding: We'll code one page of the site to be used as a template. The Cascading Style Sheet template and Javascript for the navigation are also written during this phase. This page will be tested during this stage as well, since it will serve as a base for the rest of the pages in your site. We offer two rounds of revisions for client-requested changes during this phase.
  • Phase 4—Implementation: The text and local images for the site are placed into the page template and formatted. We offer two rounds of revisions for client-requested changes during this phase, so you can make text edits and corrections after you see the text in the pages.
  • Phase 5—Testing: Though basic testing of the site takes place in phases 3 and 4, we'll thoroughly test the site after it has been completely assembled and revised. We test in the two most recent versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer and in the Safari browser. Additional browser testing is available.
  • Phase 6—Launch: We launch the site! After the site is live, we also submit it to the major search engines. We can add additional text and pages in the future (and as your budget allows).
  • So it's really not that complicated! We can launch first-version sites with very simplified text, so your online presence is soon established. Refining the text and adding more pages later is easy!