But, you say, straight lines are boring! Everyone has them on their websites! And, all I really want to do is to make a website that’s interesting and looks cool!

Well, everyone uses straight lines online for a reason. Websites are written using HTML code. HTML code is based off of table structure. Think of your website as an Excel spreadsheet. All of the text and design elements for the site have to fit within those straight little boxes.

The boxes are scalable to accommodate the information that you need to fit within each section. And, there are some coding tricks that you can do to make the edges of a box or set of boxes blurry – but those will make your site harder to modify and slower to load.

Some of the advantages of using straight lines:

  • The site will be easier to code because of the table-based nature of HTML – and less expensive!
  • If you use straight lines, you’ll be able to code many of your site’s graphics in plain HTML. Then, if you need to change your site’s color palette, all you have to do is change a tiny bit of the code instead of editing images.
  • HTML code is quicker to load than graphic files
  • Your site’s design and code may be more flexible if you use straight lines to code the site instead of curves.
  • Straight lines look cleaner than curves and blurred effects

I recommend that my small business clients use straight lines in their sites.