Do make your navigation consistent. If you switch your navigation items around from page to page, then the browsing experience will be disorienting and confusing. Keeping each item in order will help the visitor to keep track of where they are.

Do make your navigation as straightforward and easy as possible. Consistency, clear names, and well-organized categories can all help to make navigating your site a pleasant experience.

Do make sure that your navigation marks the page that the visitor is on. Highlight, mark, or otherwise indicate the navigation item that relates to the current page.

Don’t make the names of your navigation items too cryptic or hard to understand. You may think that it adds intrigue to your site, but keep in mind that your visitors really just want to come to your site, get the information they need, and hire you or continue on their search if you’re not a good fit for their needs. They’re not visiting your business’s website for a mystery, or to play a guessing game. And, you certainly don’t want them to click on an item in the navigation and to find a page that’s completely different than what they expected – that leads to frustration. Clear, understandable titles that relate directly to the information on the page they lead to is the best policy.

Don’t include too many options: Too many options in the navigation will overwhelm your visitors. You want your visitors to be able to find the information they need quickly, but not to be inundated with information.