When you do include your signature on a web page, make sure that you follow a few simple rules:

  • Make sure that you don’t use your actual signature. In this time of identity theft, it’s a bad idea to put your actual, legal signature online – it would just be an assist for the bad guys. You have a couple of choices of how you could approach this:
    • You can still sign your name and scan it, but make sure that you don’t make this signature look like a real signature. This can still be tricky, because anything you write by hand will have your handwriting characteristics – an experienced thief can guess what your signature may be like from a partial signature or a sample of your handwriting.
    • A safer option is to choose a font that fits your brand’s personality and use that to simply type your signature. You can see a sample of mine here:


  • Consider if you want to use both first and last name. First-name only looks more friendly and approachable, while first and last name looks more formal and professional. So, consider what you want your signature to say for your business’s brand, and do that.