Using your personal signature on your website can give you a few benefits:

  • Adds personalization. Having your web page signed makes it clear that you’re personally involved in your business.
  • Acts as a guarantee. Signing your web copy makes it seem like you personally approved and guarantee the copy – which makes it more credible. And, it makes your clients feel more secure about working with you.
  • Adds to the emotion of your brand. The personal touch of having your signature on your website can contribute to the emotion behind your brand. It can make your company seem more professional, more friendly – whatever you’d like it to create.

Of course, don’t sign every page – use them where you’ll have the most impact. I recommend using them on sales pages, thank-you pages, newsletter sign-up page, your contact page and your home page.

Also, be sure to be consistent with your sign-off, whether you say “Ciao” or “Cordially yours”. And, make sure that you use a sign-off that works well with your brand.

Keep in mind that every little element that you put out about your business is a reflection and an extension of your brand. The brand personality of your business is presented in each detail – and in order to make your brand as strong as it can be, you need to consider how each piece of the design impacts your business.