When you design your website, you should limit the fonts that you can choose from for the body copy to a small set of fonts. This is because web browsers display fonts by using the font file on your visitor’s computer – and, many website visitors won’t have access to any fonts beyond those that normally come installed on their computer.

To further complicate this issue, you will have people visiting your website using both Macintosh and Windows-based computers – and the installed fonts that come with each operating system are different. So, that narrows the pool of available fonts even further.

And, not all of the fonts that are available on both types of computer are readable on screen. You want to choose a clean looking font that has large characters, so that your visitors will be able to read your text. And, serif fonts can be difficult to read online at small sizes – so, fonts like Times and Georgia, with little “feet” on the ends, are better to use in headlines or subheads than as body copy.

Lastly, you want to choose a font that looks appropriate for a business – this eliminates candidates like Comic Sans.