To make all of your text visible for the Search Engines, it might seem like a good idea to put all of the text on your website in plain HTML – I’ve even seen small businesses extend this to their business name in their logo and their tagline. But, this is definitely overkill.

Your logo includes a custom font for a good reason – that font is actually doing a couple of very important jobs for your brand:

  • It communicates some of the characteristics of your brand.
  • It gives your business name a consistent appearance across all of your materials to contribute to your brand’s memorability.
  • It looks unique and brings personality to your site.
  • It stands out on the page and contributes to your company’s visibility.

    On top of all that, consider the fact that your logo isn’t the only place on your website where you’ll include your business name. You’ll probably have your business name in several places on your website. So, you’re not in danger of not saying your name enough on your website – let your logo text stay graphical.

  • The same goes for your tagline – unless it’s really full of great keywords, that you can’t get on your site in any other way, keep it in your font.