The graphic design and photos on a website are one half of the website design equation. The other half is how you design your text.

Designing your text well will help you:

  • Make your text easier to read
  • Encourage your visitors to read the important text on your site
  • Make the information on your site easier for your visitors to access
  • Achieve your website goals.

This consists of considerations like:

  • Understanding the differences between how people read in print vs. online
  • Following some general text design rules that apply to all designed pieces
  • Using the limited number of fonts available online to your advantage
  • Understanding the implications of using text in an image vs. as HTML
  • Using style sheets to manage your fonts
  • Underlining and how to use it online
  • Using signatures
  • How to call attention to special text
  • Using custom fonts in-line with other text

Over the next several days, I’ll explain all of these areas and how you can maximize your text design online.