Custom photography is a really great way to get photos that will really be a benefit to your brand and that can set the exact mood that you need.

Reasons that you might want to go with custom photography include:

  • It’s all yours! When you hire a photographer to take photos, those photos are just yours – no one else will have the same photos in their materials.
  • You can show your products, your office, your people. You can customize the content of the photos to exactly fit your needs – include your products, your people, your exact services, your color palette – everything you could want. You’ll have an easier time customizing your photos to look great and fit your brand if you partner with a photographer who has experience directing amateur models (your employees) and working with on-site conditions instead of just working in a studio.

Custom photography isn’t always the best way for a small company to go because:

  • It’s expensive. Good talent is priced at a premium, and it’s not always in a small business’s budget.
  • It can be difficult to find a good photographer. If you’re not experienced at looking at portfolios and hiring photographers, then it might be hard to find a qualified, reasonable and local photographer who will fit your needs.
  • You may have to negotiate with the photographer over the rights, which could cost extra. If you’ve hired a photographer to photograph an event or a wedding then you might have run into the problem of purchasing full rights from a photographer. Some photographers don’t include full rights in their pricing – and when you try to get negatives, or use the photos in a new marketing piece, they ask for additional fees. Make sure that you understand your rights when you start your project.
  • Not everyone’s comfortable in front of the camera. If you do use your employees in your photos, then you might find that to be not as easy as you’d hoped. People can be camera-shy, or too excited about being in front of the camera – which can result in less than ideal photos. Account for this in your process and have a back-up plan.
  • Model releases. These are little legal documents that basically say that your company is allowed to use the model’s likeness in photos in your marketing materials. And, a “model” doesn’t have to be a professional model hired for the shoot – you need to get a signed model release for anyone whose face is recognizable in a photo. So, this adds a bit of work to the process.

And, then there's models. Hiring model talent can be both a pro and a con. Your company may benefit from hiring professional models for your photos. You don’t have to hire a supermodel – and hiring a model can be reasonably priced. They’ll be comfortable in front of the camera, and their professionalism can really help the process go smoothly. Working with an experienced model can even reduce the overall price of the photographer because they’ll be more familiar with the photographer’s instructions and how to pose for the best pictures. But, hiring a model will cost you extra – so, be sure to budget for it.