There are several sources and places that you can get great stock photos from:

  • Your designer’s library: Your designer might have a library of stock photo compilation CDs. Or, they might have a subscription to a stock photo library site like If they do have these resources available, then this might save you money. Some designers charge a modest fee for images from their libraries, and others include access to their stock libraries in their fees – ask yours to find out.
  • This is a site that allows amateur photographers from all over the world to post their photos. So, just like any amateur source, the quality of the photos varies. But, if you find a photo that looks OK on your screen, then there’s a great chance that it will look great on your materials as well. These photos are quite reasonably priced – $10 will easily get you a print-quality photo that you can use not only on your site, but in your other marketing pieces as well.
  • This is a mid-range stock photo site. The photos are taken by professional photographers, and then sold either on a royalty-free or rights-managed basis. I recommend that small businesses only purchase royalty-free stock photos. Most of those will run you around $40 on this site for a small web resolution file.
  • This is another great professional site, but their royalty-free photos are slightly more expensive – in the $80 range for website resolution.
  • There are many more stock photo sites and resources out there – but these are just a few of the sites that I’ve had the most luck with over the years.