There are two other ethical, practical resources that you can turn to in order to get great photos to use in your marketing materials:

  • Your Vendors. If you sell products from other companies, they may already have professional photos taken of the products that you distribute for them. Take advantage of this and use those photos in your materials – it will save you a ton of money, and you can spend your photo budget on photos of people and places that can set the mood for your company and extend your brand instead of on taking glamour shots of the products themselves.
  • Your Clients. If you do work that you’d like to put in a portfolio online, ask your clients if they’re having the work photographed. This is a great tactic for architects, interior designers, decorative painters, landscapers, and even fashion consultants.

Or, if you provide a service, you can ask your clients to give you their headshot to place near their testimonial – many clients love to be famous, and would be happy to help out.