Blogs are a great partner for your website for a couple of reasons:

  • Bringing you Search Engine attention: The search engines love to see blogs – especially when you update your blog often. If you put a new post in your blog even once a week, you’ll give the Search Engines some great content to read and look at.

And, your blog will offer you places to link back to your site – you can put a standard link back to your site in the sidebar, on the “About” page of your blog, and then you can always link back to your site in the text of your blog as well where it’s appropriate. If you’re talking about a topic that you’ve written an article about, you can link back to that article on your website.

This combination is really great because the Search Engines will want to come back to your blog often to see what you’ve written there. Then, they’ll see the links back to your website and follow those over to re-index your website. If you’ve made any changes to your site, the Search Engine will take notice of that, and improve your ranking accordingly.

  • Blogs are really user-friendly, and that can help you to post more information about your expertise online. If you don’t have a website editing program that you like to use, or you don’t have the time to learn a new program, then you can still get new articles, tips, and comments up online easily and inexpensively with a blog.
  • Blogs are built in such a way that they give you a very easy interface where you can cut and paste your content into your blog. I recommend that you write your blog posts in a Word document and then cut-and-paste things into your blog for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t have to be logged in to your blog software online while you’re writing your posts. Second, you don’t have the danger of your web browser crashing in the middle of writing your post. Third, you can write half and then come back to it later easily. And last, you’ll have a full archive of everything you write.

    So, once you write your text, you can just log in to your blog software and cut and paste everything into the blog. You can even write several posts in advance, and schedule them to “go live” throughout the week or month.

    And, instead of paying your web designer or coder to post all of your articles or thoughts on your website – which can add up quickly, especially if you’re a prolific writer – you can just post your own thoughts on your blog easily. And, blogs are really affordable – mine costs me $5 per month.