If your business name is easy to misspell, then it’s a great idea to buy the common misspellings. If your business has an “s” at the end to make it plural, for example, you might want to try to get the singular version. Or, if people commonly misunderstand your business name when they hear it, you might want to buy the misinterpretation as well.

That way, even if people misspell or misunderstand your business name when you tell them, or if they hear it from a referral source, then they’ll still get to your website. Which is exactly what you want!

Once you’ve bought these other variations on your domain name, just set them up to forward to your main website through your domain name registrar.

For that matter, you should also buy a few extra domain names, like:

  • The business owner’s name
  • Your tagline – especially if it’s short
  • Your product names