I often get asked which extension a small business should buy – the .com, the .net, the .org, or even some other domain name extension like .info or .tv. These extensions actually mean different things, to specify which kind of website you have. The main extensions are:
.com: Commercial
.org: Nonprofit organization
.gov: Government organization

There are many more extensions, but these are secondary extensions that are a bit less popular. Some examples are (but, this isn’t a full list; there are dozens of these):
.biz: Business
.pro: Professional
.info: Informational
.name: Personal information
.tv: Television
.ws: Website
.us: This is a “country” code that means United States.

It’s a good rule of thumb that your primary website address should be a .com. This is because most people assume that web addresses end in .com – even if you tell them differently on your business card, they might type in .com out of habit. So, you want to have a .com as your main domain name.

You might also buy some of the other extensions of your main domain name to use as alternate domain names for extra “insurance”, if they’re available. But, you don’t have to!

If you do that, then there will be an option in your domain registrar’s website that lets you forward your alternate domain names to your main domain. That way, when someone types in yourbusinessname.org instead of yourbusinessname.com, they’ll still wind up in the right place.