Once you’ve figured out where you want to host your website, and you’ve signed up for the service, then you’ll need to actually post your website.

The way that you do that is that you copy your website files from your computer onto your web host. There are a couple of ways to do that:

  • Some web hosts offer built-in programs that allow you to transfer the files from your computer to their server through their website. This is usually extremely easy to use. But, not all hosts offer this option. And, it takes a bit of time – you have to select each file individually – all the web pages, all the images – and that can be a slow process.
  • With an FTP program. “FTP” stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is a small program that will allow you to open up a direct connection from your computer to your web host.
  • You’ll need:

    • An FTP program: For Windows, I recommend WS-FTP. For Macs, I recommend Transmit. To learn to use the program, go ahead and read the user guide – it’s not very difficult, but the specifics of each program will be different from the next.
    • A few pieces of information from your web host: Your domain name or IP address, your user name and password. You should have this information in the email that you got from your web host when you signed up. If you don’t have that email any longer, then hop on the phone with your host’s tech support department and get it.

    Once you have that all set up, all you do is use your program to connect to the host, and then drag and drop your files into the folder that’s designated for your web files. This process is called uploading. If you’re not sure which folder to put them in, ask your web host.