Finding a domain name that hasn’t already been registered by someone else can be a difficult task – there are a lot of websites already out there, and a lot of companies focus on thinking up good domain names and then selling them at really high prices. But, here’s a few suggestions on how to find a good domain name for your company:

  • The first thing I recommend that you look for is your business name – . If that’s available, buy it right away!
  • If you’re incorporated or an LLC, then you can try or
  • Try adding dashes: This makes telling people your domain name a bit harder, but if the version without the dashes isn’t available, then it works.
  • Try adding what you do to your business name: This won’t always work, but might result in a great name.
  • If none of those are available, try your tagline:
  • Try your product names:
  • Try the name of your newsletter:
  • If you’re struggling, then you can try going to a domain name suggestion site like You type in your business name, or some words about your business, and hit “go”. It will suggest a bunch of variations on your name that are available.

    Consider buying extra names, too: if you can get and, along with, then do it! You can then forward those secondary domain names to your main domain name, or to specific pages within your site (like your product page).