Given that there are a lot of different ways to add functionality to a website, it’s no surprise that many small businesses become overwhelmed by this task.

  • Look at your business plan: See how your website can support your business goals. What’s your most important business goal for this year? How can you modify your existing website or plan your new website to make that happen?
  • Look at your marketing plan: See how your website can support your marketing plans. What strategies or tactics are going to play an instrumental part in your business’s development over the next year? How can you take offline strategies that you are already using onto your website?
  • Talk to your web designer/coder about what your business goals are: Have them suggest how to best make your site do the jobs that you’d like it to do. They work on websites all the time – and they might have done something with a client in the past that was really successful
  • Look at your competitors’ websites: What do their websites do for them? How are they creatively using their site to do more or to help them build their business? How can you borrow from those concepts or ideas and spin them into something that you can use for your business?