I’ll take the jobs that I most often see websites performing, and list them all out here:

Jobs to choose from include:

  • Provide newcomers with in-depth information about your business: This can be done with simple text content, or by offering a forum or live chat for visitors to interact with you directly.
  • Provide lots of learning and free information about your specialty: This can be enhanced by adding an article library, free reports, information products, or a newsletter subscription sign-up to your sit.
  • Cut down on your workload by creating a website that does some of the jobs in your business for you: For example, I created a Ballpark Estimating Form on my website that eliminates the need for me to create individual proposals for all the slightly-interested prospects who come to my site. How can you customize your business, marketing or sales cycle to hand off some jobs to your website?
  • Grow your contact list: You can do this by having a strong call to action and email list opt-in opportunities. Or, you can offer a free report in exchange for an email address. I’ve even seen small businesses offer discounts on services or classes in exchange for people providing referrals to 3 friends!
  • Position you as an expert: By offering lots of articles and resources that you’ve created and making your services as a speaker available. You can also record yourself giving talks or speaking about your specialty and make those available for download on your site.
  • Sell your services or products: Of course! Whether you’re selling physical products or delivering eBooks digitally, I recommend using oneshoppingcart.com to manage your shopping cart. It’s a great system that’s reasonably priced and easy to use. And, don’t forget to up-sell, and cross-sell too.
  • Reduce your marketing expenses: By designing your website to be easy for you to update and maintain by yourself, you can open up a whole world of marketing possibilities to you.
  • Increase your possibility of getting media coverage: If you add a press room to your site and then do an online press release strategy as well, then you’ll be a good bit closer to getting some good media attention.
  • Give you a place to interact with your customers: This is a great way to use a blog or a forum – to enable you to have a conversation with your customers.