Audio can be a fabulous way to add another of the senses to your website. You can use audio in a couple of main ways:

  • Add music to your website to add atmosphere and further communicate your brand. If you’re building a lifestyle brand or a brand where it’s personality is especially important – like a fashion company, a spa, a restaurant, a vacation company – then adding music can help to tell your brand’s story in a deeper and more meaningful way.

  • Add recorded tips, lectures, teleclasses – basically, record yourself talking about your area of expertise. This can be a great way for you to showcase your expertise without spending a lot of time writing. And, if you want to get more complicated about it, you can turn your audios into a podcast to get the word out further.
  • If you do put audio on your site, though, be considerate to your visitors – let them choose whether they’d like to listen to the audio or not. Not everyone wants music blasting out of their computer, or to immediately hear your Imagine if your website visitor is watching TV or talking to someone else when they arrive at your website. Suddenly, there’s too much going on!

    If you put a button on your site that offers them the option of whether they’d like to listen, then they’ll feel respected and like they have a choice of whether they’d like to listen to the audio. And, everyone likes to have a choice.

    You can increase the likelihood that someone will click on the audio and listen to it by:

    • Using a call to action near your play button: “Click here to listen”
    • Making the benefits of your audio clear: “You’ll learn this, this and that” makes the reasons that someone would want to listen to the audio clear.
    • Making the play button stand out: Use a graphical play button, and consider putting the audio in a graphical call-out box with a colored background, or making a special button about the featured audio.
    • Make your play button easy to use: There are a lot of technologies that you can use to put audio on your website, and some of them are easier for your visitors to use than others. You don’t want your visitors to be asked to download a new piece of software, or to slow down their computer while they’re trying to listen to your audio.

    One of the easiest ways to incorporate audio into your site is to associate the audio with a Flash button. And, if you don’t know Flash, that’s OK! There’s a little program that you can buy for just $20 that will give you a Flash button to hook your audio up to. It’s called Wimpy Button (, and it even comes with an easy-to-fill out form that helps you do all the “technical” stuff – so that you’ll have a customized bit of code to paste into your website to make the whole process easy for both you and your visitors.