This one’s a bit more advanced tactic. It requires that you know a bit about HTML coding. But, it can make doing site-wide changes, like adding to your navigation or changing the copyright notice at the bottom of your site much easier.

Search and Replace allows you to change pieces of your website code throughout your entire site quickly – no matter how big your site is. For example, it takes me about 5 minutes to re-arrange the items in my website’s navigation. 15 minutes to create a new button and add it into my entire site’s navigation. And, my website has over 400 pages.

How to do it:

  • First, you need to know what piece of HTML code you’re trying to edit, and what you’re trying to change it to. I suggest copying and pasting the piece that you want to change to a new file, and then creating the new piece of code there as well.
  • Then, select the “Search” or “Find” option in your HTML program. This will usually pull up options for you to either find instances of certain things in your code, or to find them and then replace them with other pieces of code. If you can’t find this option easily in your menus, check your program’s help file.
  • Make sure that your program is set up to automatically save your changes to the files – this will save you a lot of time.
  • Select a Multi-File replace, and select the folder on your computer where you keep your website’s files.
  • Then, just paste your old code and your new code into the appropriate boxes and hit replace. The program will cycle through all of your files and make the change for you.
  • I suggest then testing a few pages throughout your site to make sure the change has taken effect everywhere. You should be able to do this by previewing the file in your browser window.
  • Once everything’s edited, upload the new files to your web server.

One caution: your site does have to be coded well – and consistently – to work well in Search and Replace. If your code varies from page to page, then you’ll have to do a bit of work to make sure that you’ve caught all the variations and cleaned them up with the search and replace tool.

This should save you many hours of tedious work on your website! Which makes editing your site often much easier.