You might wonder if SEO is cost-effective for your small business, or if your limited marketing budget would be better spent elsewhere. The benefits of SEO are:

  • You'll get more visitors to your website. It naturally follows that if more people visit your site and learn about your fabulous products and services, then more people will buy from you.
  • You'll get more inquiries. You get the thrill of getting calls and emails from clients you otherwise might never have met. Imagine, the phone rings, and it's a new potential client on the other end! You ask them how they found out about your services, and they say "Oh, I found you on Google." High search engine rankings will make finding new prospects easier.
  • Your leads will pre-qualify themselves. Before the phone call or email even comes through to you, it's likely that the new prospect will read through your site and determine whether your services or products are a good match for their needs. This saves you time and effort in the sales cycle.
  • SEO opens the doors to doing business internationally. There is no "Global Edition" of the Yellow Pages, but the Internet makes your business information available to everyone around the world… if they can find you. Being ranked well in your business category in the search engines is the first step towards a building a global business.
  • Higher rankings give you more credibility. Google is a particularly respected search engine. Many buyers have consumer confidence in the companies that Google returns at the top of its results.
  • Ranking well increases your visibility. Coming up in the search engine rankings is one more way to get noticed by your target market.