After all, this is one of the big uses that your website will have – giving your customers the information they need to contact you. Your existing clients will use your website as a big resource to grab your email address or to look up your phone number.

But, there are a few keys to doing this well:

  • Include a link to your contact page on every page of your website. Your contact page should be one of the links in your main navigation, so that it’s accessible from each and every page in your site.
  • Don’t hesitate to link to your contact page within the text of your website – where that would be appropriate. You don’t want to refer people to the contact page too much, but you can tell them to contact you from time to time.
  • Consider including your contact information directly on some pages of the site. The pages that are most likely to compel people to contact you should have your contact information listed directly.
  • For ultimate ease, you can put your contact information at the bottom of every page in your site – down by the copyright information.
  • If you have a customer service line, and people might be calling you needing assistance, then you could put your contact information at the top of the page so that it’s very easy to find.
  • Don't put your email address in plain view on your website. It’s easy to put your email address as a link in your text on your site. Easy to code and easy for visitors to use. But, that’s not the best choice – because, it also makes it easy for spam emailers to pick up your address.

Spammers have little robots that run around the internet, grabbing email addresses and adding them to their “to email” lists. Which isn’t what you want.

The way to avoid this problem is to create a contact form on your contact page – that way, your email address isn’t out in the open, spammers can’t get it, and you’ll still enable your customers to get in touch. Just don’t make your form too complicated – which might discourage people from using it.

Or, you can encode your email address with this tool: