Google Ads offers a great service where you can put little ads on your website and earn click-through revenue every time someone clicks on them. Sounds like an easy way to make a little money, right?

But, let’s look at Google Ads from your website visitor’s point of view.

So, imagine someone's looking for services like yours. With money in their pocket, ready to buy. They're a buyer of high-priced services like yours. They're looking for a high-quality website where they can learn about what you do.

They get to your site. It looks interesting, but there's these little Google ads on your site that make your site look cheaper. The prospect starts to wonder: Is this site really what I'm looking for? Why are these ads right up here at the top? Can they possibly be qualified to take care of my big-money project? Or should I click on one of these ads and take my big money elsewhere?

Do you want your visitors to buy your services give you their big money, or do you want Google to give you a tiny bit of money? Which is more important and beneficial to you?

If you have a purely informational website – with articles, etc. – then it might be appropriate to put Google ads on your website. But, I don’t recommend it for a service or product website.