Question: We launched a new website in September 2006 – and began running some pretty expensive advertisements to drive business to it. Since then, we've had about 400 visitors pass through the first layer and view our registration page. And not one single registration. Help!

Answer: There are a few things that could be going wrong here:
What expensive ads are you running? And, where are you running them?

Are you reaching interested and qualified prospects with those to begin with?

Do people buy whatever it is that you do from ads? Or should you be marketing in some other way?

What does the ad promote? Your company in general? The website? The program (or whatever it is) that you want people to register for? All of these things? It's best to have the ad tell people exactly, and very clearly, what you want them to do. And possibly, to offer them a prize for doing it – especially if it's a paper ad and your want them to go to a website to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Does the ad point people to the home page of your website? You might improve your results by pointing it to a landing page that specifically promotes the offer that you want them to take action on.

Once I get to the website, I don't immediately see what you want me, as a new visitor, to do. There's a big attention-getting seal, 3 buttons at the top, all the text in the middle to wade through… what am I supposed to do once I'm here? How am I going to get whatever the ad made me want? (Make this step really easy – people are busy, don't have a big attention span and don't have a lot of patience for reading stuff or figuring stuff out).

Even when I click on "Register for Class", I don't really understand that page. I expect to see a description of the class, a price, where it is, and a "register now" button. But, that doesn't really look like any of that information is there. How would I register, if I got this far and wanted to?

I hope this is a helpful start!

(And, if any other readers have a question for me, send it on in!)