I hope this doesn’t overwhelm you – I just wanted to give you as much information as I could possibly think of about a basic website, to make sure that I answered every question that you have!

I don’t intend for you to be able to immediately sit down and put all of this into practice – I put all of this together only after developing websites for many years. But, there are a few things you can do now to get started.

  • Create a website wish list
    • Capture all of your immediate thoughts about what you’d like to see on your website.
    • As you visit websites, and think about yours, make note of features, design elements and bits of text that appeal to you. When you start work on your own website, see if those features will work well for you.

  • Go back to the beginning of this book and create your website strategy.
  • Create your website site map. Keep it simple the first time around so that you can code it quickly!
  • Write your text.
  • Decide who will design and code your website, and how you will maintain it.
  • Get your site designed, and make all the choices in the design section that will affect the design.
  • Integrate the 2 universal functions into your website: Enabling people to contact you and making sure that the search engines rank you well
  • Look back at your business strategy, website strategy and marketing strategy to determine what other functionality to integrate into your website
  • And, lastly, just get it launched!