So, you have a PDF of a designed file that you want to edit. But, how to get it edited?

Part of the answer to that depends on what it is that you want to edit:

Go back to the designer or original files if you want to edit:

  • The graphics, color palette, or photos in the document
  • A PDF that's been locked for security purposes
  • A significant amount of text
  • The font that the text is in
  • Tables or graphs

You can edit the text yourself if you have:

  • The fonts that the text is in, installed on your computer
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional Version
  • The original document with the fonts not in an outlined format
  • Only small changes (the text editing tool within Acrobat may only select a word or a few words at a time – changing long blocks of information would be tedious).

To make your changes:
1. Open your document in Acrobat Professional
2. Select Tools > Advanced > Touch Up Text Tools
3. Select the text you'd like to change
4. Make your edits
5. Save your file!