This question is so terrible because it places all of the decisions about a logo on someone’s personal preference instead of in any sort of logic.

First, consider technical issues about your logo. How will you be marketing your business, and how will the logo be used? Or, how’s the legibility when it’s scaled down? The overlap of the image and the letters can also affect the speed of being able to read things – and, with the speed at which people are moving these days, you want to make sure that your company name can be read quickly. If your logo doesn’t make reproduction, scaling, reading and designing it into all sorts of things easy, then it will do your business more harm than good in the long run.

Secondly, who’s your target audience? Are the people you’re asking in it? If they’re not, then their opinions don’t really matter about whether we like your logo… it can actually be better for people who aren’t in your target audience to NOT like the logo, to help you disqualify people that you can’t help anyhow.

Lastly, what are you trying to say with your logo? Before evaluating any business logo I really encourage all of my clients to get all of their business definition down all in one place. I really recommend it as a first step in any branding process, so that you can nail down exactly what you’re designing for, and then we can all look at that as a source for strategic advice.