There are many types of language – written, spoken, visual, body, etc.

Your marketing materials need to speak in two kinds of language:

  • Written language – Which most entrepreneurs can put together to a reasonable extent. Everyone learns how to write throughout their education, so even if an entrepreneur is not an expert at writing, you can put that together.
  • Visual language – This is where most small businesses fail. Not all entrepreneurs learn how to communicate visually – even if they can draw or use a drawing program online. They put together colors, fonts, images, and symbols that "look good" without knowing what they're really saying to their potential clients. That's like writing a sentence that sounds good without knowing what the words mean.
  • Luckily, your customers already know how to understand visual language – but you just have to put your company's personality and message into that language in an accurate way that will be timeless – not following the graphic trends, because you want your designs to look modern at all times. You also want your graphics to say exactly what you need to tell you audience.

    My new mission is to teach entrepreneurs about visual language and how to communicate easily with their clients.