I am in the process of writing the copy for my new website. I am a marketing consultant based out of San Diego. I provide marketing services, with an expertise in lead generation for software companies. I am incorporated. I will be running a campaign shortly to acquire new clients and plan to focus on tech start-ups. I have had high profile clients such as Applied Materials, Novellus, Business Objects, and BEA Systems. In my website copy, is it better to frame myself as an agency or independent consultant (WHO WE ARE: Our team of marketing professionals comprises high tech experts with over 20 years experience vs. ABOUT ME: A marketing professional with 15+ years’ experience… ) My thinking is that framing myself as an angecy is good in Silicon Valley when targeting large corporations, but framing myself as a single, independent consultant might be more attractive for small San Diego start-ups? I have two versions written and reviewed by an editor, but am not sure which to choose. What is the general consensus out there? Frame myself as an “agency” or “single, consultant”?


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this – which sort of company do you work with most often, and how do you want your company/yourself to be perceived? What do the companies/people you work with want? And, does one of these audiences visit/buy based on your website more often than the other?

I used to say “we” and frame myself as an agency – and then I found out that a lot of potential clients didn’t want to contact me because they thought they couldn’t afford me from that stance.

When I changed to “I”, I got a lot better response from my audience.

So, I’d say ask your audience, or just try to guess based on your audience and their preferences.

Even if you guess wrong, it’s easy to swap your text out, so keep both profiles on hand just in case.

Alternatively, you might want to try split-testing, if you can – program both into the site such that every other visitor gets the “I” version, and ther rest get the “we”. Then you should be able to look at your stats to see which is working better.