The last way to design a logo is with an abstract logo icon.

An abstract icon is one that doesn't necessarily look like something.

There are different levels of abstract icons – some can look a bit like a representational object, or they can just be made up of shapes, lines and other graphic elements.

Every sort of shape has an emotion or meaning attached to it through its' use. And, combinations of shapes can be given a feeling of movement, or can change each others' meaning. That's how abstract icons can look like nothing in particular yet still convey meaning to a viewer.

Pros of abstract icons:

  • They usually give an air of sophistication to the logo
  • By not talking down to or spelling it out to the viewer, the logo encourages a prospect to stop and think for a split second, which can reinforce memorability.
  • They allow the viewer to see and interpret the logo in their own way – and most people usually create a favorable interpretation when left to their own devices.
  • They tend to be pretty timeless.

Cons of abstract icons:

  • Not everyone will "get it" – or understand the meaning behind the icon.
  • The viewer may misinterpret the message in the icon.