I want to start my small women clothing and shoe business but what are the steps to brand my clothes?

For example, if a manufacturing company makes me clothes or shoes. What do i need or where do i go to brand my clothes or shoes? For example Old Navy all clothes say Old Navy.



There are a few factors that you should consider in designing your brand for your clothing company:

1. Design a logo that’s scalable and able to be reproduced in a variety of materials/media – to brand clothes or shoes your logo will have to be printable for hang tags, screen printable onto a variety of fabrics, and easy to embroider to make tags to sew inside the clothes.

2. The logo should also be an indicator of your clothing line’s personality – if you look at the major clothing labels, the fonts, shapes and icons that they use all indicate the “feel” of the line of clothes.

3. Make sure your logo and company name appeal to your target audience. The clothing market is all about helping your customers express their personal style – so make sure that your logo and brand communicate that. You’ll want your customers to be proud that they’re wearing your “label”.

4. Talk to your manufacturer to see if they’ll be printing the tags/embroidering tags/screen printing tags inside the clothes and shoes. If so, ask them about all of their technical specifications. For example, does your logo need to be 1-color to reduce costs?

If not, then you’ll need to find a vendor or vendors to produce your tags, and then also you’ll have to figure out how to get them into your clothes.

5. Finally, don’t forget that marketing and branding your business is about more than putting your name on your products. You’ll need to create store signage, shoping bags, put your logo on your sales receipts, create business cards, and make a website, just to start. And, you’ll need to get your logo in a variety of file formats for these applications.

I hope this helps! – Erin