What do you think about including pricing on my website when we launch it? I have 5 services listed on my Services page, and I could include minimum prices for each one.

I suggest waiting to see if you need to include prices in your site – we could add a get a quote call to action at the bottom of each service or at the bottom of the services page, but including prices might be overkill, especally considering that your prices will depend on the details of the project.

You don’t want someone to assume that their complicated project will cost the minimum price (because they don’t know that their project is complicated).

I include prices on my site because if I don’t I get literally 20 requests for quotes each day from students, people writing business plans, and other not-serious shoppers. My pricing form doesn’t actually help that much with interested clients—they still want to see a personalized quote for their project, and to have a consultation on their needs with me before moving forward. But, the form reduces the tire-kickers.

Posting your prices can have some drawbacks. I have some clients who have gotten quotes from the site a year plus ago who expect that to be honored—which is usually not the current price. I also have clients expect the posted prices for especially complicated projects, which isn’t usually the case.

So I recommend seeing how big of an issue your tire kickers become before boxing yourself in with set prices on your site.