Other Ways To Differentiate Yourself
Niching is the best way to establish a differentiation that will lend credibility and expertise to your business. But it’s not the only way to differentiate yourself in your field. The following methods aren’t as effective as niching but are often pretty easy differentiators to start out with, and they are still measurable, definable, specific, and unique:

  • Geography: Typically, geographic differentiation means that you’re the only provider in your area. Or, that you were the first in the area, or that you’ve always lived/worked there.

    Geographic differentiation can also come in the form of being involved in the community. For example, “Your Hometown Realtor”.

    The danger of this differentiation is that other companies can always move in. Defending and maintaining it can be difficult.

  • Culture: If you bring special cultural knowledge or the perspective of a particular culture to the table, then you are culturally differentiated.

    This also comes into play when a product is “Made in the USA” or something similar.

    Or, culture can be a differentiator if you’re developing a product that calls upon someone’s personal culture, like their allegiance to a particular sports team or a religious belief.

  • Demographic: Your personal statistics, or demographics, could be a differentiator. Are you a marriage counselor who’s been married for 30 years? Are you a manufacturer of children’s products who’s had 4 children and developed your products throughout their infancy? Are you a 75 year old retiree starting a new business as a retirement coach because your retirement has been so fulfilling? All of these are personal statistics that could make a difference to your clients and your business.
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