I am a photographer, and I have about 25 competitors written down (the __________ (eliminated for privacy) area is a large place) and have no idea how to figure out what makes me different from them. I’d like to think my work is of better quality, but you can’t use “better” as a differentiator. LOL

It sounds like you just need to answer some more specific questions about your differentiation:
The question I’d ask to that is, with your target market in mind, how do you personally define “better”. What makes your pictures better than your competitors’?

Sometimes, being more specific about what makes you better is all you need. When you say better, you have a bunch of reasons in mind. What reasons would make your offering more compelling for the people you want to work with?

What do they want you to be better at? What do they want out of your service at all?

Those might help you get closer to something that sounds more interesting, compelling and real to your audience than you just saying “I’m better”, and them saying “Oh, sure!”