We are attending 3 trade shows this year in different locations, our
booth is 10'x10'. I am not sure what is best to do with the booth to
achieve max impact .


I've worked with multiple companies to dress their trade show booths. I usually recommend an approach that goes a bit like this:

  • First, evaluate your trade show goals. What results do you want to create for your company after the show? Think in small steps – most people aren't going to just see you at a trade show and sign up (though it sure would be nice if a couple of people did!)

Your end goal could be:

  • For people to fill out a comment or lead card, so that you can follow up with them.
  • For people to go to your website to do something
  • At the very least, for someone to take away some information about your company.

There are many other possibilities; these are just a couple of most-requested goals.

  • Then, you'll want to write and design your stuff. You'll need to do the writing and designing with the end goal of creating the results that you want in step 1. Now, how do you determine what text and designs you need to create to make step 1 happen?
  • Here's the process I use:

    • Think about your target audience. What do they want? What do they need? What do they think is really interesting? Using these sorts of things in your marketing can help capture their attention.
    • Think about your product or service and the steps that people take to get to that first step. How do your clients go through making the decision? What types of info do they need to decide to jump?
    • Think about how to stand out from the noise in the show. There's a lot going on in a trade show. How will you be noticed? How will you be remembered?
    • Think about after the show. People will probably be too busy or distracted in the show to remember you after, or to do massive research to find more info about your company. You want to make sure that you have a way/permission to reconnect, or that you give away something awesome enough to compel them to visit (A "sign up at our website for this cool thing" sort of promotion)

    That's my quick version of what you should do. If you'd like to talk more about creating a booth that will be effective for your company, let me know.