I’m creating a word document with a watermark in the background. I’ve added 3 logos to the bottom as footers….but they’re washed out and look like they’re hiding behind a film. It’s doens’t seem to be related to the watermark – because it doesn’t change when I delete the water mark..

Any ideas how I can get the footer logos to be clear?


The grey isn’t related to the watermark at all.

That’s the way that Word displays the footers (and this happens with headers, too) – it grays them out. I think that Microsoft thinks that it looks less distracting and lets the user concentrate on the content of the document they’re creating.

The way to deal with it depends on how you’re delivering the document.

If you’re printing or PDFing the document before delivery, the logos will all look fine. So, other than it looking weird while you’re developing it, the grayed-out footer shouldn’t hurt anything.

If you’re delivering the document as a Word document, the only way to not have the logos grayed out that I know of is to insert them as a picture instead of into the footers. The problem with that is that you’ll have to deal with getting them aligned properly at the end of the project, so if that’s the case, I’d recommend doing that step last.