Once I have an online store, how do I get people to it?


There are several ways. I'll list them here:

1. Search Engine Optimization.
2. Search Engine Advertising.
3. Telling your clients about it – and promoting your site "live" through speaking events.
4. Email newsletter.
5. Putting ads or articles in other peoples' newsletters.
6. Website ads on other sites.
7. Start a blog and point to your site.
8. Public relations – books, magazines, etc.
9. Writing articles and placing them on other sites.
10. Get your product written about on other blogs.

Also, make sure that your product is:
1. Reasonably priced.
2. Well explined on your site.
3. Useful.
4. Built for a specific target audience.

And, that your site is:
1. Well built.
2. Well designed.
3. Easy to use.
4. Easy for people to check out on.
5. Using a trustworthy cart/ card processor so that people don't get spooked.

All of these considerations can help you to make more sales.