I’m so excited about this new brand and site I’ve just launched for a client.

First of all, it’s for a craft business. I love to craft, and so it’s great to do a site for something that’s genuinely fun.

Second, this project included an entire brand identity – logo, business card, letterhead, hang tag, sticker, brochure, and the website. The website also had some technical stuff behind it – a shopping cart, integration with “live” UPS shipping database pricing, getting the shopping cart to do gift wrap (which is harder than it sounds!). There was even a bit of Flash to do on the home page.

Third, the project went really smoothly from start to finish – no HTML-based frustration, minimal struggles with the cart, and the client was really a dream to work with – good turnaround, great feedback, very nice and organized!

So, without further ado, here’s the design!

Live link:

Home page:

One of the shopping pages (aren’t the hats cute?):